Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bloggers' fatigue

Today's TOI reports that 200 million blogs have shut down. Experts think the blogging phenomenon may have peaked in October 2006 when nearly 10,000 blogs were being created everyday. Some analysts believe that the total will level off at 100 mn in 2007; others think the number will drop to 30 mn. No surprises about the closures: people simply run out of things to say.

I hope to solider on......


Paresh Y Murudkar said...

This may be due to the rapidly growing popularity of youtube ang google video etc. Most of the blogs are/were personal diaries where people used to express their experiences of travel, routine happenings. Now uploading a clip is more easier than crystallizing thoughts into words :-)

T T Ram Mohan said...

Very true. In fact, the TOI report mentioned these.