Friday, May 18, 2007

Leaders for India's top schools (contd)

I wrote in my earlier post that India's top schools should start looking for talent amonst the distinguished "academics' in the NRI community. I must qualify this. Not all schools, least of all b-schools, need academics as leaders. Two of Europe's top b-schools, Insead and LBS, have brought in consultants as deans: Insead from PWC and LBS from Bain.

We needn't look that far. IIMA's legendary founder-director, Ravi Mathai, was brought in from Metal Box, one of the famous MNCs of yesteryear. (This says something for the talent-spotting abilities of IIMA's founders such as Vikram Sarabhai !).

So, yes, when it comes to a leadership search we are at liberty to cast the net pretty wide.

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