Tuesday, July 17, 2007

OBC quota in the news again

With the Supreme Court having convened after its summer recess, OBC quotas are in the news again. The legal battle over the constitutional amendment extending quotas in educational institutions to OBCs has been resumed with the government again moving the SC for a vacation of the stay on quotas.

The stay had been granted by a bench before the summer break. Now the plea for a vacation of the stay is being heard by a bench headed by the Supreme Court Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan. The court has posted the case for hearing on July 31, according to a TOI report. The government is arguing that hundres of OBC students who would have made it through the quota route are being left high and dry.

What happens if the SC lifts the stay now? I don't know about other colleges but the IIMs' new session will have been more than a month old. Is it feasible all to admit them in the current academic year? I have my doubts.

The larger issue of referring the challenge to OBC quotas to a constitutional bench will be taken up by the SC next week, the report says. Somehow, I was under the impression that the matter had already been referred to a constitutional bench by the two judge bench that heard the petition earlier.

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Anonymous said...

I read all your posts on Quotas. you seem to argue at some point tht OBC reservations would not affect the quality of students drastically, point taken. But if u look at history of your own institute, two questions if answered might change your views
1. How many students drop out each year in PGP1 and how many of them are from reserved category (I guess it is close to 100%)
More fundamental question is
2. How many of the reserved are category students are actually needy. I see some students are in with work ex in companies like Infosys, HPCL, BPCL, earning fat salaries of 4 lacs plus per annum with onsite experience of few months. Are these actually the disadvantaged category in the society?

I wonder why is the 2nd question not addressed by any of the pro reservationist?