Monday, November 19, 2007

Om Shanti Om

I saw OSO. The first half is entertaining, especially the spoofs on Bollywood. Had the film remained a spoof throughout, one could have related to it. The trouble arises because there is a
more serious part to it. That makes the second half a drag.

The degeneration towards the end is precipitous. As though it's not bad enough that Shah Rukh and Deepika both appear in a reincarnation, there is a lookalike of Deepika who rescues Shah Rukh. She then disappears into nothingness. It's a bhoot, you see, not the reincarnated Deepika! That really got my goat.

OSO simply does not deserve the hype surrounding it. There are a couple of decent songs. Deepika has the makings of a superstar but she's under-utilised. The film is all about Shak Rukh- his endless baring of his chest is not funny at all, not least because he shows clear signs of ageing.

I believe OSO is a box-office success. That tells me what clever marketing of films can achieve. You build a brand out of a film- everybody wants it, never mind the content. Will this work in general? I doubt it. You can't fool all the people all the time. Ultimately, the test of a film is: do you want to recommend it to somebody? With me, OSO fails the test.

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maya said...

Bollywood star SRK is playing good role in film "OM SHANTI OM" and it is big hit film.