Tuesday, January 15, 2008

China's economy not that export-dependent!

China is not as dependent one exports for its growth as is made out to be, according to the Economist. Investment accounts for 40% of China's growth. This won't be heavily affected by a drop in exports because over half of it is domestically driven- it has to do with infrastructure and property. It cites a research report that forecasts that a downturn in the US economy will result in China's growth slowing down from 11.5% to 10%- hardly catastrophic. The US may be more export-dependent than China- exports contribute 30% to US growth.

The high share of exports to GDP- 40%- in China may be deceptive. Exports are measured as gross revenues whereas GDP is the value added. A UBS analyst has attempted to measure China's exports in value added terms and measure these as a proportion of GDP. The ratio is much lower- 10%. This, the analyst suggests, is a measure of "true" export dependency of the Chinese economy.

I guess this reinforces my position that growth in China and India will help mitigate the effects of a US downturn on the world economy.


Ankit said...


Here you have introduced the concept of GDP in net value added terms and Exports as gross value. But if I am not wrong when we calculate GDP by expenditure method Net Exports (NX) is a part of total income.(Y = C+I+G+NX). Then why this gross-net distinction?

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