Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ICICI plan for credit card defaulters

ICICI Bank is never far from controversy, is it? A couple of weeks ago, it made waves when it sent a legal notice to the HR head of rival HDFC Bank for allegedly saying in an interview that she didn't want the ICICI culture to seep into her bank.

Now, ET carries a story about ICICI Bank's plans to recover dues from credit card defaulters by getting employers to deduct specified sums from employees' salaries and remit these to the bank. Apparently, ICICI Bank is inserting a clause into its agreements with credit holders permitting such deductions.

As you can see from the ET website, the move has provoked a storm of outrage and even some downright abusive comments. As one reader has pointed out, such a clause may not be legally enforceable and would certainly require a tripartite agreement involving the employer. Moroever, it's doubtful that the regulator and government will permit such a clause. The move has the potential to create embarassment similar to that caused by ICICI Bank's strong arm tactics to recover housing loans.

For bankers, caution in lending has to be the watchword. Toughness in recovery won't work in this country- it will only create hostility all round. Sympathies are always tilted towards the borrower as they are towards the tenant.


yogash said...

If the borrower is not returning the money in a promised timeframe, I think lender has every right to recover it. I won't go into legal discussion as that is not my expertise but the way of recovery should be ethical, for sure. If, there is a clause upfront on the form for recovery through autodebit, I personally do not think it should create much storm.

Harshal @ Snehapadma said...

ICICI move should not be surprising for its consumers and watchers in this business. The credit cards are very systematic fraud equivalent to savkars by making money easily available to people not in need and then using all tactics possible to recover it once very human nature falls prey to use it.

Just look at the fines for late payments and interest rates there upon. Only people with extreme fiscal discipline can come out of it.

It would help consumer a lot if government comes up with regulation making them illegal just the way savkars are.

And for those who feel that Banks stand to be victimized because of such a rule, it may come up with rider that defaulters pay _actually borrowed_ amount sans late fees at _just_ interest rate. It is high time that this mess is cleaned up.

Sankt Ingen said...

The chimerical approach of the ICICI Bank simply paints its floundering state of policy making. The HR Head of HDFC bank had a point no doubt. Why the guys making ICICI polices are subjected to some kind of polybank test to gauge their sanity ? Ha.

nilesh said...

ICICI is not new to these tactics

ICICI Bank said...

Thanks for the feedback regarding debt recovery from credit card defaulters. This clause only applies to to customers who have defaulted on their payments. We have sent prior notice of this clause to all our customers and only defaulters in repayment need to be concerned. We'll glad to address any care/concerns you might have on the issue. Email us at with your name, phone and email contact details and we will contact you. Warm regards!

Anonymous said...

ICICI is the one of the Biggest cheaters in Banking sector in India ..They had come up with a medical insurance -icici lombard and the marketing was through tele and the executives explains it as very much free for credit card holders ..Infact i was a prey to that ,even without my written conscent they had issued the policy and started deducting money from my credit card ..later when questioned cancelled the policy ,charging the total amount of 8000 rs to my credit card account and the reason was saying irregular payments ..the emi was deducting thorugh the ecs facility wher i dont have any control ,direct debit still accuses me of irregular payments ..where none of the payment was unsuccessful due to insufficient balance.Beware of such cheatings ..even i had complained to Ombudsman but they were not ready to take the case as it happened in 2005 ,they could take up the cases from 2006

Anonymous said...

ICICI bank every team is worst in terms of talking they can do any thing for recovery ICICI Lombard insurance premium is automatically deducted frm credit card and they are recovering like any thing.
There managers are not cooperative and using abusive languages. and they are fetching data from your resumes which you are posting on various job portals.

Anonymous said...

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