Thursday, June 09, 2011

Are margins too high in Indian banking?

The RBI seems to think so; one RBI official was even quoted as saying that Indian banks' margins are 'usurious'. It's hard to draw conclusions from the aggregate level of NIM because a bank's NIM is a function of a number of factors; for the same reason, comparing with other countries may not be useful.

The regulator must simply ensure that there is adequate competition- and live with the margin that results. There is a case for tolerating higher NIMs given that banks' capital requirements are poised to rise due to Basel 3 and stiffer regulation in the years to come. That will put banks' return on equity under pressure and make it a little difficult for Indian banks to finance their huge requirements of capital from abroad.

More in my ET column, RBI mustn't dicate bank margins.


tarun, tyt group said...

RBi should take the steps...

Anand said...

sir,could u explain what deregulation is all about?