Friday, August 05, 2011

Ratan Tata succession

There is word of a professional (instead of a member of the Tata family) succeeding Ratan Tata as head of the Tata group. Many people have been rooting for such a move. I am not so sure. There was the same talk when Mr Tata himself succeeded JRD. Not many gave Mr Tata a chance of succeeding. The sceptics have been proved wrong.

The number of businesses in the group has been pruned (although not enough, some would say). Controls have been tightened. The group is more international today (with the majority of revenues coming from overseas). The group has got into areas for which many had believed it unsuited (eg cars, communications). Mr Tata has put pep into many of the older businesses (steel, power, chemicals, tea).

True, the group's image has been dented by the 2 G affair and the Radia tapes. But, in commercial terms, Mr Tata has succeeded beyond all expectations. I see the Tata experience as part of a broader phenomenon of the reinvention of Indian family businesses. Reforms have not sunk India's family managed businesses but have brought out the best in many. It is no longer obvious that family-managed businesses must turn to professionals and not entrust their destinies to family members.

More in my ET column, It's okay to keep it in the family


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