Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tackling the growth slowdown

Some people think the global environment is mostly responsible for the slowdown; others think it is 'policy  paralysis' or high interest rates or some combination of domestic factors. The RBI's latest annual report quantifies the impact of interest rates and global factors. Surprisingly, a large chunk of the industrial slowdown is not explained by other.

So what is it? It could be just supply bottlenecks, such as coal, natural gas etc. If that is so, I argue in my ET column (Don't blame slowdown on RBI), then we should simply focus on these. Not worry about grand things such as FDI in retail or insurance or pension reform or even cutting the fiscal deficit.

Yes, the deficit needs to be reined in and fuel subsidies need to be tackled at some point. But the priority right now is boosting public investment in infrastructure. If you can't cut subsidies to find funds for these, you have the forthcoming 2G auction revenues and you might try some quick disinvestment. We need some different thinking for a change, public discourse of late betrays mental paralysis!


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