Monday, November 18, 2013

Teaching economics in today's world

FT has an article on how the teaching of economics to today's students can be made useful and relevant. What is taught apparently does not help students to relate to stuff such as the Eurozone crisis. Students want to know about climate change, financial instability and economic disparities- the author says we have the tools to address these in economics.

That's fine. What I would like to know is how these topics can be incorporated in basic courses in Micro or Macro-economics. I look forward to seeing the curriculum the author says her Centre proposes to make available on open access. I have a suggestion: just take the core course outline of any leading institution and tell us what new topics you would like to incorporate - and how you want these taught at the basic level. 

Let me add that I'm also tired of people telling us how B-school curricula need to change to cope with the new world. We are constantly being told that the courses are not relevant,  they don't provide soft skills, they don't deal with the organisation of tomorrow. Alright, so please take the curriculum of IIMA or any other leading B-school and tell us the following: which courses to delete, which courses to add, and how existing courses need to be modified. Please do this session by session and mentioning topics and text books/ references. Now, that would be a serious contribution.

Any takers?

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