Sunday, January 05, 2014

Economist's Aam admi politician of the year

The Economist selects its country of the year based on the way Paraguay's president conducts himself. Here is one politician at the top who actually lives up to the ideas professed by Aap here:
President José Mujica (of Paraguay), is admirably self-effacing. With unusual frankness for a politician, he referred to the new law as an experiment. He lives in a humble cottage, drives himself to work in a Volkswagen Beetle and flies economy class. Modest yet bold, liberal and fun-loving, Uruguay is our country of the year.


chandramouli said...

I am sure that Arvind Kejriwal also will be admired in the same way as President Jose of Paraguay. Let us not undermine the achievements of AK by just comparing him with someone else. Today he is in the news much more than Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi or Modi or Rahul Gandhi. Thanks, of course, to the media. But media would not project someone unless such projected news is going to sell. AK has made 2014 elections very interesting, coming from nowhere. He has successfully tapped the subdued and tremendous frustration of people, which could have been easily tapped by any of the tall leaders like Rahul Gandhi etc. But the existing tall leaders failed to understand the sentiments of the people and thus lost the golden opportunity tapped by AK. AAP, though not clear of its stance on national issues, nevertheless has made the existing political parties to redefine their strategies for the ensuing elections. AAP has succeeded in bringing people into the centre stage of politics to some extent.

Anonymous said...

That is true chandramouli...

another aspect being we need to give Arvind Kejriwala some time before me make a judgment. He has achieved much more than Obama but people give him least consideration just because he is an Indian. I dont even understand why Obama was given a nobel peace prize for becoming the first black president. AK deserves more attention than Obama or others as he is standing for a cause that is impossible to eradicate but can be prevented to an extent.

anyways at least for once Indian politics is interesting, compared to the earlier days where there were only 2 national parties ruled by the white khaki clads spitting pan all over the country and polluting the environment further.