Friday, May 30, 2014

Pak general on Modi

To the dismay of many in Pakistan, let me suggest that if Modi gets his act together, he will take India places. India will change, perhaps finally realising its dream and potential, as will its polity. India will never be the same again; this remains my considered opinion. He is that kind of fellow. 

....Modi’s aim will not be to seek a war. But come another situation like Mumbai 2008, he would like his military to respond with effect; of that there should be little confusion. Pakistan will then need to evolve its own plan to first deter and then respond to such a reprisal. That will put them both on a slippery slope of escalation dominance.

Shazad Chowdhry, a former air vice marshal, writing in The News, Pakistan.

(Thanks to Sanjiv Sood for the pointer)

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Anonymous said...

I have read the whole article posted elsewhere. The statement of AVM Shazad Chowdhry in the above quote is ominous. He does not say that Pakistan should desist from undertaking 2008-like situation to start with. Does it mean that there is a possibility of a similar attack, and that Pakistan will need to evolve its own plan before such attack to first deter and then respond to such reprisal?