Friday, August 15, 2014

Modi's independence day speech

Modi's maiden independence day speech as PM was a winner. The PM spoke without a prepared text, he was eloquent, he was passionate and he connected superbly.

The  PM started off on just the right note: he had come, not as PM, but as the prime servant of the  people. He was an outsider to the Delhi durbar. In two months, however, he had had a chance to develop an "insider's view" of Delhi. And what he had seen had given him a jolt. For, there was not one sarkar in Delhi but multiple sarkars within one sarkar. Departments were warring with each other, working at cross-purposes. It made news when he reminded public servants that they should show up on time. The spirit of public service was missing: the right question to ask was not 'what is in it for me' but 'what is in it for the nation'.

There was a lot on character building and serious shortcomings in Indian society. And there were some significant announcements: a plan for financial inclusion, the scrapping of the Planning Commission, a plan to create model villages etc.

The Republic Day is about a grand coming together of the nation. The event achieves this beautifully. The PM's Independence Day has, over the years, should be about the PM reaching out to the nation and sharing his perspective. It hasn't quite met this objective for a while now because that require oratory of a high order. It does appear that this is poised to change with PM Modi.


Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking I did not see anything great in this speech. It was nothing but rhetoric. It has been 3 months since assuming power and the Govt has not come out with any major policy initiative. Even with the huge majority, they do not seem to have the courage to take things on their head but have instead back tracked whenever there has been opposition. Does not augur well for the future.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -

Have patience. I would say we expecting too much and there is need to tone down.

The initial vibes are positive, if not something, that can be discarded out-rightly.

He may not be the one we expected; but he definitely seems to be better than erstwhile leaders.

We may agree to disagree; time will tell. Wait & watch.