Sunday, January 10, 2021

Trump baiters need to chill

 I wasn't impressed at all by the coverage of the events in Washington last week.

The mobs storming into Capitol Hill last week were a disturbing sight. But this was hardly an armed insurrection or a coup d'etat. President Trump believes the election was stolen- and he has made no secret of it. His followers and admirers think likewise. A large number of them decided to vent their feelings last week. 

Sorry, but that doesn't amount to an insurrection nor was it President Trump inciting violence. And the calls to restrain Trump from using the nuclear option were really over the top. What's happening is that the liberal media and the Washington establishment are desperate to see Trump off. They have wanted badly that he should concede defeat. They are miffed at the legal challenges he has mounted. Never mind that all that President Trump has do so far falls within the ambit of the law.

So when a large mob- estimated at anywhere upwards of 200,000- showed its support to Trump, the anti- Trump brigade seem to lose perspective and we had shrill hysteria from politicians and the mainstream media, with social media such as Twitter jumping into the fray.

It was refreshing to read this article in Russia Today that asked Trump-baiters to tone down the rhetoric:

A coup attempt, an insurrection, sedition – whatever wonderfully evocative term you care to reach for – is not some strange-looking dude with a painted face and horns on his head posing for the cameras inside the Capitol's hallowed halls.

It's not an incredibly dim, grey-haired bloke sitting in the House leader's office chair and scrawling notes. It's not a bunch of not-very-bright people tearing through the corridors of power with Confederate flags and MAGA hats stealing a laptop or two.

That's not a coup d'etat, it's a much smaller thing – it's called ‘crap security’.

An armed insurrection is a leader pointing his army at the Capitol, and tanks driving up the steps and smashing through the doors. Rifle-wielding troops following up in its wake. 

A coup d'etat would be Donald Trump pulling on his military fatigues and taking to the airwaves, sitting at the Resolute Desk and solemnly declaring he had taken absolute control for the good of the nation.

If the president was imposing martial law, then all these screaming people would have a point.

But he isn't. And that's not what happened. It simply is not what's happening now, nor is it going to happen in the final ten days of Trump's term.

.....There was no American coup. It's hyperbole and four years of pent-up fury and score settling. The folk shouting the loudest simply despise The Donald the most, and they don't much like his supporters either. They do fear them, though, because there are loads of them and these people – for some reason – adore their president. Biden, Pelosi et al will simply never get their heads around “why?” 

It doesn't matter. Trump is over.

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