Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Boom times for Indian newspapers

TOI reports:

Newspaper circulations worldwide rose 2.3% in 2006 with Indian sales increasing most with 12.93%, the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) said here on Monday. ....China, Japan and India account for 60% of the world's 100 best-selling dailies, while the five largest markets for newspapers are China, India, Japan, the US and Germany.

The trend is defying the rise of the Internet. "As the digital tide gathers strength, it is remarkable that the press in print continues to be the media of preference for the majority of readers," Balding added.

Yes, these are great times for newspapers and the media in general in this country. Look at the pink press. We had four pink dailies until last year and I thought that was one too many (the US and the UK which have more developed financial markets make do with one each, so does France). Now, we have six! Mind you, the world's leading financial dailies are not doing well. Wall Street Journal has been an underperformer and is the object of a takeover bid by media baron Rupert Murdoch. The UK's Financial Times is incurring losses.

There is a boom in TV channels as well. Outlook reports that 24 - yes, 24- new news channels are in the offing. Evidently, people have time for so much viewing.


Krishnan said...

Interesting time for print - papers, magazines - India seems to be catching up on delivering news/info through the internet - but I doubt if the print media would ever disappear ... it is true that they must learn to adapt - In the US, I have heard stories that newspapers that do a good job covering local news to small communities do very well ... newspapers that charge for internet access seem not to lose as much in their print circulation as those that offer such services for free (The Wall Street Journal does charge for their online access, unlike the Washington Post or the NY Times - AFAIK) ... Newspapers have to figure out how to survive - the old business models do not work as well ... network TV in the US is also scrambling to find new ways to raise ad revenue since now customers can skip through ads when they tape shows and watch them later - You do see more and more product placements as part of the show itself ... actors/actresses using some specific product or in some specific place whose name gets splashed all over the screen and so on

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