Friday, June 08, 2007

PM's remarks on executive pay- links

The PM's remarks on executive pay during his address to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) last month has drawn more comment than almost anything else he has said during his tenure. Here are links to some of these:

Can markets decide salaries of CEOs? Satish Kumar T N, Economic Times

Stop passing the buck PR Ramesh, Economic Times

Course correction Arun Maira, Times of India

The medium and the message, Business Standard edit

Private sector shining, government tarnished Swaminathan Aiyar, Times of India

But what do the have-nots want? Rama Bijapurkar, Economic Times

India Inc must heed PM's call T T Ram Mohan, Economic Times

The Prime Minister's right, A V Rajwade, Business Standard

Whose court? TN Ninan, Business Standard

The Prime Minister has a point Kanika Datta Business Standard


Shubham said...


It has generated a lot of interest in the blogosphere as well. Maybe you can present your analysis on it. My thoughts are at

Sorry for spamming if you don't like links in your comments.

T T Ram Mohan said...

Shubham, no problem with providing linkas. As for my thoughts, one of the links provided is mine. I would be happy to visit your blog to see what you have to say.


Krishnan said...

Words and words and more words - all as palliatives seems to me ... Why now, why at all? But then again, politicians have a way to stir up sentiments in the population whether or not they believe it ... In the US, Congress will get into such issues from time to time - but then they will get some expensive trip somewhere and all "sins" are forgiven - I am watching the war of words on the price of gasoline in the US - words such as "unconscionably excessive" are used (whatever that means) ..

To quote from a Wall Street Journal editorial piece on May 25, 2007

"After Hurricane Katrina, several states including Virginia strictly enforced price gouging laws, and many service stations simply ran out of gas altogether. Gas wasn't available at any price. Last year's FTC report pointedly advised Congress that "federal gasoline price gouging laws that have the effect of controlling prices likely will do consumers more harm than good." It added that, "Competitive market forces should be allowed to determine the price of gasoline drivers pay at the pump." Such a lesson in supply and demand seems beyond Congressional understanding"

I am sure the PM in India or whoever wants the limelight can come up with their definition of "unconscionably excessive salaries" .. whatever that means on that particular day ...

It makes absolutely no sense to me - the feeling that someone or some group can decide how to manipulate the market and market forces by fiat or worse.