Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Management guru

The Economist carries a profile of Ram Charan, a management guru who may not have a high profile in India but who is pretty well known internationally. He has authored books on leadership and board room governance and combines lecturing and writing with consulting. At 69, Charan has an enviable capacity for travel:

Another thing that makes Mr Charan unusual is that few people would want to sign up for the punishing life associated with being both a sage-on-stage and a confidant of many chief executives. A one-man band, Mr Charan is constantly on the move, notching up some 500,000 miles (800,000km) on aircraft last year and spending most of his nights in hotel rooms. To minimise the amount of baggage he lugs around, assistants at his office in Dallas send fresh clothes to him via courier and his laundry is returned via the same route. Until a couple of years ago, the peripatetic Mr Charan did not even own a home. He has since bought an apartment in Dallas, he says, but he has barely stayed there since he bought it.
That bit about the laundry had me foxed. How much does it cost to courier laundry across the world? Maybe it makes sense to courier suits instead of buying these but I wonder whether it makes sense for other apparel. Is it cheaper to use the courier than to use the laundry services of five star hotels where, presumably, Charan would stay?

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Krishnan said...

Forget the laundry. If he is such a hot-shot, I want to know who he has been talking with and how he knew the mess the US was going to get into. Did he? if so, he indeed may be the "sage" people talk about. if not, he is like the many con-artists who manage to make their money and disappear. Ah yes, those management geniuses indeed who know about moving money around but little about creating wealth. No, I do not know who this guy is - a Harvard/Yale/Penn/whatever MBA/lawyer/whatever ... no difference to me - total nonsense.