Sunday, April 13, 2014

It doesn't happen only in India...

The nexus between crime and politics, which has been in the open in India in recent years, is by no means confined to India. It is a universal phenomenon. In Italy, a former senator and close business associate of ex-PM Berlusconi faces a seven-year jail term for his connection with the mafia, FT reports. He is now on the run from the law:

Mr Dell’Utri was long considered one of Mr Berlusconi’s closest advisors. Both men have accused the courts of leftwing bias and have consistently denied allegations by prosecutors and  mafia turncoats that Mr Dell’Utri had acted as a go-between for the mafia with Mr Berlusconi.
The Palermo-born businessman was placed under investigation in 1994, the year of the first of Mr Berlusconi’s three election victories, and was credited with mounting a campaign in 2001 when Forza Italia swept all 61 seats in Sicily.

Wherever there is big money, big crime is involved. Politics, business, major sports events all involve big money. So, they draw in criminal elements in a big way. Very often, big crime stays in the background and gets its job done by those in the limelight. However, it also happens that criminal elements decide that they should be running the show in politics themselves. This has happened in many democracies, including India. 

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