Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sanjaya Baru's revelations

Sanjaya Baru's book, The Accidental Prime Minister, is making waves. I haven't read the book myself but I have read excerpts- and I can see that the book promises to be a racy read.

The media has focused on the bits about the relationship between PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi. There are numerous other details that are eye-catching as well. Let me mention two:
  • The post of principal secretary to the PM was first offered to a Tamilian. He declined saying that he had promised his father never to take up a government post after retirement. I would love to know the identity of this ex-bureaucrat. The man is a hero! A large number of bureaucrats do everything they can to get some position after retirement and they stoop to unbelievable levels to appease their political masters. Here is a man who said 'no' to a plum position that came to him on a platter!
  • Baru quotes former NSA M K Narayanan as telling him that Narayanan kept tabs on the credit card spending habits of influential editors. If this is true, it means the intelligence agencies in India have carried snooping to heights not attained even by America's National Security Agency.The agency, one is given to understand, at least respected the privacy of US citizens. Baru's revelation is a serious one, especially given the way the UPA government has pounced on allegations of snooping done on Mr Modi's behalf- the so-called Snoopgate affair. One hopes the new government will look into what the intelligence agencies are up to when it comes on spying on citizens


Sandeep Gupta said...

A few days ago, I was reading news paper and find a cartoon there, that was the time when Academy Awards were announced and in that cartoon it was mentioned that our three big politician were floating in the air (representing the success of the Oscar wining movie "gravity) and one person on the ground showing similarity with our PM was appearing very happy with a trophy in his hand and it was mentioned 10 years a slave (representing the 10 years tenure of Dr. Singh as PM in NDA1 and NDA2). On that day I smiled but after reading this book, I do not have smile on my face but little bit happiness (I do not know why?) and sympathy for Dr. Singh.

Before reading this book, I has an opinion that Dr. Singh has disgraced his dignity and strength, for the loyalty for Gandhi family but now since the facts have come out in an unfashionable manner, I am happy that at least he was not fully comfortable with what he was doing since last 10 years as PM of this country.

The book has been written in very interesting manner, You will find that you are reading a TV serial and good thing is that this book talks about the people who are alive and are with us in the politics of the country.

Well the timing of this book is slight late, I wish the things mentioned in this book could have been discussed publicly before the election. I know opposition will try to make its own benefit from the content of the book but the thing is that we all know that the power switch of the government was not in the hand of Dr. Manmohan Singh but in the hand of other person.

I am sure that now Dr. Singh will be feeling relaxed, as this is something that even he would be thinking to make public for keeping his position clear.

But again the last question from Dr. Singh, why you allowed this all rubbish to happen ?

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with last line of Mr Sandeep Gupta. Why did the Dr. allowed the power-switch to happen?

And a more larger question - UPA has many intellectuals with exponentially higher qualifications & stewardship than President and Vice President of party. Why even they are going in to a kind of "Yes sir" or "Yes Madam" attitude. What is so much fascinating or luring or motivating with that surname or so called "Dynasty politics". Why can't any one these intellectuals just stand up and say - "Hey look, with all due respect to your legacy, I don't agree with your X, Y, Z style of governance...you change it or we quit it. Or we don't allow you to be the President or VP going ahead".

Will we see a day when the zenith of Congress is a non-Gandhi?

T T Ram Mohan said...

Sandeed and Anonymous, Yes, that's a valid question. How was such a state of affairs allowed to continue unquestioned? Not just by the PM but by others in the party. No difficulty with the party laying down the line on policy matters. But in the matter of appointments, the PM should have had a relatively free hand. Whether the Congress can do without the family is, of course, a huge unanswered question.


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor,

Agree with your comments. By the way, recent blog posts by you revolving around politics & economics, have been quite interesting & insightful.