Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wipro finds a heir apparent

Rishad Premji, Aziz Premji' elder son, will join Wipro shortly, TOI reports. The paper quotes Pratik Kumar, executive VP (human resources) at Wipro, as saying that for now Rishad will join "only as an employee" and not as a board member.

It was the Exec VP's elaboration on how exactly Rishad's recruitment took place that got my goat.

He was on the lookout for an opportunity in keeping with his experience and academic background and also very keen to come aboard Wipr. And so, like everyone else, he sent in his resume to us and we were able to find a suitable opening for him

Hmm... so if there had been no 'suitable opening', the HR department would have sent a polite rejection letter?

There can be little doubt that Rishad is being groomed for the top job. No big surprise here- happens in family managed businesses all the time and Wipro is a business where the promoter's equity holding is higher than usual (almost 80%). Rishad also has solid professional credentials. He's an MBA from Harvard and is currently with the top consulting firm of Bain.

So why this pretence about Rishad's going through a screening process and so on? Surely, there are other ways in which Wipro can demonstrate its professionalism?

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Krishnan said...

I have always had a hard time with false displays of modesty ... The company pretends that what it says will be accepted while the public at large knows the relationship between the son and the father (Yes, why not say "He has an MBA, experience and is now interested in working with/for his dad and then perhaps take over)

Then again, this is not unlike what industry titans/successful businessmen do to appear "politically correct" ... They will be ready to accept that salaries are off-base and compensations are out of whack with reality/whatever and mollify class warriors - since it is close to impossible to see what actually happens anyway - This disdain for what people actually believe is very strange and unbecoming of them.