Saturday, October 11, 2008

Depressing times for Modi baiters

Heaven knows there is enough depression out there in the financial world but baiters of Gujaratr CM Narendra Modi have more reasons to crib.

First, the Nanavati commission report on the Godhra riots. The commission made two very important points:
  • The fire in the train was the result of a conspiracy, it was not a reaction to teasing carried out by kar sewaks after the train arrived at Godhra
  • There was no indication that the post-Godhra riots were planned. They appeared to be the result of outrage caused by media reports.
Both these contentions undermine the entire basis for the denunciation of Modi for his alleged role in the riots and of Sangh parivar in general. To be sure, there are judicial commissions and judicial commissions and people are selective in which report they want to accept. The Nanavati report has been castigated by many. But that does not alter the findings of the officially constituted probe into the riots.

The other blow is the Tata group's decision to locate Nano in Gujarat. The photo of Ratan Tata and Narendra Modi with their arms wrapped around each other while announcing the decision cannot have gladdened Modi's critics. What will they do now? Will they dare to criticise Tata's decision? They should spare themselves the trouble. Long before the Nano project, several businessmen, including Tata, have forged close ties with Modi over several Vibrant Gujarat summits.

Soon after the Godhra riots, the CII attempted a mild condemnation of Modi. There was a revolt in the Gujarat chapter. Tarun Das of CII had to rush to Gandhinagar to make amends and he was seen embracing Modi at the time. As Modi himself has pointed out in an interview with ToI today, businessmen's preference for Gujarat has little to do with which party is in power. But it is also true that businessmen are not going to be deterrred by what social activists think of a particular government.


Anonymous said...

The Nanavati report strains credulity to the limit. Its conclusions do not square with the Tehelka sting or the forensic reports. The other judges on the comission- the late Shah and I think Mehta- have a dubious past. The entire state machinery in Gujarat including the cops and the judiciary is now totally communalized. I think only an outside commission like the Banerjee commission, or the SC's SIT, can be credible here. Nanavati's ideas on the post-Godhra riots are bizzare.

As for Tata, Business historically has always loved dictators- no labour problems, no laws, no agitations like Singur. Most businesses are run like absolute dictatorships anyway, so they see Modi as one of their kind. Most dictatorships soon turn into highly profitable businesses. The Pakistani Army, I am told, runs a sprawling business empire, including even a laudry operation.

Pratik Sinha said...

Report by Jan Sangharsh Manch on the Godhra Train Burning Incident. Its a scientific paper on why Godhra Train burning was an accident and not a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Pratik, Thanks for the link. I read the paper. Nanavati has shaped his enquiry and report to suit his brief, it appears. Sad to see a SC judge make a sorry spectacle of himself.. He ought to have resigned when the govt prosecutor cast aspersions on his character.

. . said...

And of course the Islamists and Jehadis are killing Hindus because of Gujarat riots. Right ??

By that justification, Kashmiri Pandits should be raping Muslim women because that is what they have faced.

And all this time, the "Hindu" (accidental by birth) atheists, socialists, left liberals and other bleeding heart types like you have kept mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Indian Muslims are getting radicalized bacause of the Gujarat Pogrom, and the Rath yatra riots.. The terror modules earlier were outsiders; now they have local support.
You seem unable to comprehend that explanation and justification are different. To solve a problem you have to understand the causes.

Telling others to shut up is neither Hindu nor Indian.

Anonymous said...

"getting radicalized bacause of the Gujarat Pogrom, and the Rath yatra riots"

You need to read the Koran which seems to be suddenly radicalized by events of past few years...

BTW, live in a mohalla and you will understand radicalism..and if you read Indian history you will see it littered with such radicalism of much higher proportions

Anonymous said...

Teh Koran and the Bible are full of murderous madness, yes. There is a lot of the same enlightened stuff in the Hindu sriptures too. Do read your Puranas, Manusmriti,the Shrutis. My caste were prohibited from reading or hearing these under pain of having molten lead poured into their ears.

We all ingnore the shameful parts of our religions, else day-to-day life will be impossible. The debate here is about Muslim and Hindu individuals, not Islam and Hinduism

Anonymous said...

Manusmriti, Puranas are stories and not representative of God's word for Hindus. Manusmriti was written by Manu. Puranas are stories written by human beings such as Valmiki and Vyas. ‘Varna’ which means to ‘select’ (one’s profession, etc.) and which is not caste or birth-based. Consequently, if individual gunas and karmas are different, even members of the same family can belong to different varnas. Read in depth about Hindu religion and understand the difference between smriti and sruti. Smritis such as manusmriti are recollections. Unfortunately, over a period of 7000 years, the vedic values have dominated and corrupted by power bases and vested interests of Brahmins, Kings and groups. The fundamental word of Hindu religion is the Geeta and the three vedas. Show me the murderous madness in these texts and compare them with Koran and Bible which adherents of these religions literally cite in their acts.