Monday, May 24, 2010

Winners' curse in India's 3G auctions

I had meant to flag this article earlier but it escaped me. There is great jubilation over the Rs 70,000 crore the government is set to rake in from 3G auctions. Some people even think this makes amends for the telecom minister not having earned enough from the award of telecom licenses earlier.

Sumit Majumdar, writing in TOI, highlights the downside. One, the firms may go broke after having paid through the nose, so we will not see enough investmen in 3G infrastructure. Two, the firms that have bid may forfeit their security deposits and walk away from 3G in which we will need a fresh round of bidding. Three, the companies may be forced to charge consumers steep prices. He sums up the implications:
The diffusion of a 21century radical infrastructure which could be both a positive and disruptive influence for propelling Indias badly-needed knowledge revolution for the masses will not happen.Since the impact of general-purpose technologies at the individual level is profound,because of changes in the organisation of activities,the diffusion of a general-purpose technology such as 3G could have raised the return to cognitive skills and education.
The ability of 3G as a generalpurpose technology to have a phenomenal capacity to transform Indian society can be on hold.India can lose a golden opportunity to transform its society via a knowledge revolution using 3G technology.Indias 3G spectrum auction is fantastic for the exchequer but a fiasco for the common man.

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