Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another committee on IIM autonomy

Yet another committee will go into the issue of autonomy for central universities, IITs and IIMs, TOI reports:

The HRD ministry has set up a high-power committee, under noted legal expert N R Madhava Menon, to come with a comprehensive policy on the issue of autonomy for higher educational institutions like central universities, IITs and IIMs.

The six-member committee, which also has three additional special invitees, has been asked to review the state of institutional autonomy in central universities, IITs and IIMs in academic governance and financial matters.

The panel will recommend mechanism for norm-based funding of central educational institutions for development and maintenance, with an aim to enhance their financial autonomy.

It will examine the decentralisation of autonomy within central universities, IITs,IIMs and suggest measures by which institutional autonomy can percolate to governance structure within the university and to the teacher.
An IIM review committee under R C Bhargava had submitted a report on governance of IIMs in 2008. Another committee under the same Bhargava is currently looking at governance issues and its report is awaited. What would be the rationale for another committee on autonomy and accountability and covering the IIMs again?


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why we should have more IITs when they are ranked so poor in the world. Why don't we build world class universities instead?

T T Ram Mohan said...


True, IITs lag behind in world rankings but this is because they don't produce quality research. They still do very well on teaching.And while they may not be world-class, they remain the best in India, often by a wide margin. IITs produce a level of excellence in the Indian context that non-IITs don't, that is why we need them.


Dilip Thakore said...

Yet another committee has been appointed to examine faculty recrutiment and pay and research autonomy issues. Who is heading it, and has it submitted its report?

lorence said...

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