Thursday, September 16, 2010

Limit IIT directors to one term

I wrote in my last post about the increase in the retirement age of IIT directors from 65 to 70. I said I did not favour the idea. Some people wrote in saying that they would like to see cogent reasoning for my position, apart from the fact that youth is to be preferred.

Well, the main reason is that in our institutions of higher education, we do not have a system of accountability for the director. So, we lack a proper basis for extending the director beyond 65 or giving him a second or third term. The decision would become subject to the whims of government or the Board.

The IIMs have long had a convention of a single term for the director and this has served them well. It was convention put in place by IIMA's legendary Ravi Matthai. I elaborate on this in my ET column, Let IIT directors retire at 65.


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Prerna said...

Thats right. Where are the incentives to improve the system in IITs? Everything needs to evolve really fast these years to keep pace, and I don't think much has been done on curriculum front unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong about IIMs. IIML director is currently on his second term. Of course you could argue that IIML is not a real IIM!