Monday, April 04, 2011

Cricket pundits

They said it would all depend on whether Sachin and Sehwag fired. It would be a titanic contest between two greats, Sachin and Muralitharan. Whoever won the toss and elected to bat would have a decisive advantage. The wicket would favour spin as it wore on, so spinners would have the upper end when the second team was batting. India, playing to a home crowd, would be under greater psychological pressure. And, of course, the first ten overs would be crucial- as would the middle ten and the last ten.

Well, well, as we know now, the outcome has made fools of the pundits. I have never been able to make up mind which category is worse: stock market pundits or cricket pundits.

The thing I now dread is the management experts jumping in with 'Lessons in leadership from Dhoni'. It could have easily gone the other way, you know, not only in the final but also in the semi-final. Then, I suppose, we would have had 'Leadership lessons that Dhoni forgot'.


'Bade mian' said...

Very well said professor! It could easily have been the other way round.

Anonymous said...

Here's one :)