Thursday, December 13, 2012

Interview on Narendra Modi

I found's interview with Gunvant Shah perceptive. The interview is about Modi- his strengths and weaknesses. Shah makes no bones about either. He condemns the Gujarat riots as a blot on the state but does not hold Modi personally responsible:
So you think he should not apologise.
Not at all! You are talking nonsense. When there is rioting and provocation of this dimension, do you think there won't be any reaction from the majority community? You conveniently forget that in 1984, Sikhs were killed by Hindu Congressmen. Not a single non-Sikh was killed. You can call it a pogrom. Here in Modi's Gujarat, 218 Hindus were killed in police firing... And do you know even Congressmen came to fight Muslims on that day?
It is good to see the media talking to people on the ground in  Gujarat. Rediff's coverage of the elections has been excellent.


Ramachandran R said...

Could you please link to the Rediff interview?


T T Ram Mohan said...

Ramachandran, Thanks, I seem to have overlooked this.


Unknown said...

By this post i know about the some strength and weakness Narendra Modi.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Hindi SMS said...

Mr modi should be made the next prime minister of India. A man of words who has proved to the whole world that he can turn things around as per the law and order . He can make things happen as a powerful Indian. The difference can be seen in Gujarat .let make him the next P.M. India and change India out of corruption one for all.

Dosti SMS said...

modi should be chosen as BJP candidate as india wish to give a PM with different visison about improving india's future.