Friday, March 08, 2013

Narendra Modi's bid for prime ministership

Speculation about Narendra Modi emerging as a contender for the PM's job has been rising and has reached fever pitch. Most of the analyses tend to be partisan. Those against say the nation will never allow it, given what happened in Godhra. Those for Modi say that the time has come for a leader in the mould of Indira Gandhi. Sheela Bhat provides a more insightful and detailed analysis in Rediff.

The key point she makes is that the BJP is unlikely to get more than 150-170 seats. How does Modi become PM in that situation? She argues that the regional parties will probably strike a suitable deal with Modi. The author is clear about one thing: the BJP cadres are all for Modi and there is support amongst voters not given to watching the talk shows on the English TV channels. She believes Modi's campaign will rest on the dynasty, corruption and inflation. But what if Chidambaram delivers and the economy turns around by 2014?

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