Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Nobel:how the news is given out and what makes it great

Nobel Laureate Peter Higgs chose to disappear on a holiday without his mobile to evade the media frenzy that follows the announcement. He must have been pretty sure he would win- and, of course, he was heavily tipped to.

How the news is given and how it is received is a story in itself- and it's well told here. Often, people are disbelieving: how could they be sure it's not a hoax? Sometimes, there is a stunned silence. At other times, people just want to be by themselves to digest the enormity of it all. Those tipped to win will be more than a little tense on the given day - if it's a Tuesday, it's Chemistry, Wednesdays are for the Physics prize-and Economics the following Monday. These prizes are announced by the permanent secretary to the Royal Academy of Sciences of Sweden. Peace, medicine, literature- these are left to others.

FT has a good article on why the Nobel remains the most sought after and respected, despite attempts by other endowments to outdo the Nobel in terms of money.

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Nice article and links.

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