Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Did you know? Milosovic has been exonerated!

Would you believe it, the former Serbian President Slobodan Milosovic, widely reviled as a genocidal tyrant, has been exonerated by the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia! I'm sure I'm among the vast numbers of people who had assumed that he had committed ghastly crimes that ended only with the liberation of Serbia through Nato bombing.

I guess we should have known better. This piece of disinformation was put out by the west and its obedient media and lives on long after Milosovic's death while still under trial. The exoneration is contained in the judgement that convicts the Bosnian Serb Radovan Karadzic, according to a terrific report in (on which I had my last post) by well-known journalist and Guardian contributor Neil Clark:
For the past twenty odd years, neocon commentators and 'liberal interventionist' pundits have been telling us at every possible opportunity, that Milosevic (a democratically elected leader in a country where over 20 political parties freely operated)  was an evil genocidal dictator who was to blame for ALL the deaths in the Balkans in the 1990s......
But the official narrative, just like the one that told us that in 2003, Iraq had WMDs which could be launched within 45 minutes, was a deceitful one, designed to justify a regime change-op which the Western elites had long desired.

The ICTY’s conclusion, that one of the most demonized figures of the modern era was innocent of the most heinous crimes he was accused of, really should have made headlines across the world. But it hasn‘t. Even the ICTY buried it, deep in its 2,590 page verdict in the trial of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic who was convicted in March of genocide (at Srebrenica), war crimes and crimes against humanity. There was no official announcement or press conference regarding Milosevic‘s exoneration.

Clark  says that Nato put it out that Milosovic had perpetrated horrible crimes in Kosovo. This was proved false by a UN court in 2001. Then, Nato latched on to alleged crimes of his in Bosnia. This claim too has now been thrown out.

The Western propaganda machine has since found other targets: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Assad, Putin:
Since then we’ve also had the NATO destruction of Libya, the country which had the highest living standards in the whole of Africa and the backing of violent 'rebels' to try and achieve ‘regime change’ in Syria.
You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see a pattern here.Sinc
Before a US-led war or ‘humanitarian intervention’ against a targeted state, a number of lurid claims are made about the country‘s leader and its government. These claims receive maximum media coverage and are repeated ad nauseam on the basis that people will bound to think they’re true.
Later it transpires that the claims were either entirely false (like the Iraq WMD ones), unproven, or greatly exaggerated. But the news cycle has moved on focusing not on the exposure of the fraudulent claims made earlier but on the next aggressive/genocidal ‘New Hitler’ who needs to be dealt with.  In 1999 it was Milosevic; now it’s Assad and Putin.
You won't find such stories in the western mainstream media. That's why you should go to channels such as RT.

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