Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gujarat polls: BJP win quite remarkable

Yes, the contest has been closer than in 2012. Nevertheless, the BJP's win in Gujarat is remarkable. It comes after 22 years of BJP rule and it happened inspite of the BJP's willingness to steer clear of  assured vote-catchers such as farm loan waiver and quotas for particular groups, both of which the Congress resorted to.

There were reasons for the electorate in Gujarat to be unhappy- farmers, MSMEs, youth and others are unhappy with economic conditions. Nevertheless, they did not think it necessary to disturb the status quo. Gujarat has seen economic progress and the absence of caste and communal strife for over 15 years now, and voters seem to have judged that it's not wise to disturb this state of affairs.

More in my BS column: Gujarat and BJP: why discontent did not spell defeat


ritu said...

Very good post

Deepak said...


Thanks ... I also happened to read your column on budget numbers being suspect and you recommend among many others to expand fiscal space.
Among other instruments that government may try to mobilize revenue... there are suggestions to use Forex reserves to fund infrastructure projects/bank recap. Can it be done and would RBI oblige since we have built sufficient cover.

Would be interested to know your views